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Hi people. I’m Vishal From Southall. If you don’t know where Southall is; it’s in West London. People often call it little India but I don’t find it like that. I’m used to posting Blogs online so bare with me. I am a student at Kingston University.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Spring Style

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wobbly Style





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I’m a active person I don’t like sitting in once place (very boring). I’m a Real Madrid supporter because Cristiano Ronaldo is always been my inspiration in football. Football is my favorite sport.

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I am a quiet and shy person in my mind. Honestly I’m a trustworthy person and a helpful person. My passion is into cars. I can talk about cars all day if I wanted to but i will bore some people who are not fond of that topic. My friends sometimes call me a “Car encyclopedia”. I do post pictures on my Instagram and Facebook page on Super Cars. My dream car will be a Lamborghini because when I saw a Lamborghini Gallardo near my road where i live, i just feel in love with that car.

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